Only four people sign up for flagship Green Deal

roofers insulating roof The Green Deal has got off to a slow start

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Only four people have so far signed up to a flagship government scheme to make homes more energy-efficient.

The Green Deal, which was launched six months ago, was designed to provide measures such as home insulation.

The Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) said just four households have "pending" green deal plans.

However, DECC said that with more finance providers in place, it expected a steady rise in numbers.

In total it said there had been 38,259 Green Deal assessments, where customers are given initial advice about what energy improvements they might be eligible for.

Of those, 241 households have confirmed they would like to proceed with work.

Start Quote

It will take time as this brand-new market finds its legs.”

End Quote Greg Barker Minister for Energy and Climate Change

A spokesman for DECC told the BBC that "some" of the four people who have signed up to the Green Deal will have had building work completed, but he was not able to be more precise.

"A slow start should have been expected for the Green Deal, but it has clearly not fired consumers' imaginations," said Mike O'Connor of the watchdog Consumer Futures.


The government said there had been a delay in getting finance providers approved, with only five lenders signed up so far.

"The very first wave of Green Deal finance providers have only just got their individual finance terms and conditions in place," said Greg Barker, Minister for Energy and Climate Change.

But he said he expected 50 loan providers to be approved by the end of the year.

"It will take time as this brand-new market finds its legs, but I now expect the number of plans signed to start steadily rising," he said.

But Labour said the figures were proof that the scheme was not working.

"The Green Deal was billed as the biggest home improvements programme since World War 2, but these figures show it is failing," said Luciana Berger, shadow minister for energy and climate change.

"Households need help with their energy bills now - not in 10 years' time," she added.

Under the Green Deal, householders take out loans to finance improvements such as double-glazing, or more efficient boilers.

The idea is that the energy savings they make should more than compensate for the repayments.

The loan remains with the property, not the individual.


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    Comment number 146.

    A builder who had obviously won the contract turned up at my house and told/barked me about loft insulation. He had the "doesn't matter what you say mate, I got this government badge". I had no idea what he was going on about. That didn't bother him tho.

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    Comment number 145.

    More money into the claws of the Solar Energy rip-off merchants.

    No wonder that people aren't that interested.

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    Comment number 144.

    Like the money given to banks to lend to SM businesses - three launches, 3 failures, but bonuses to the top bankers. All the housing starts by the private sector with the government backing to free us from the dead hand of the state. I would much rather have Ken Clarke or Vince Cable in charge

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    Comment number 143.

    Unlike the Labour programme, the Tory deal is engineered to make their donators, private sector businesses, money. The Tories got rid of the substantial feed in tariff for homes with solar panels and made their deal just an expensive loan, so what do you expect? I keep saying the people of this country aren't stupid but Cameron and Co. think they are.

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    Comment number 142.

    @49. shabutie
    "I hate that we now live in a world where a corporate entity has more rights and opportunities than a human being."

    Me too...and worse still they seem to be above the law, are never prosecuted when they do wrong, and walk away scot free from all the misery and debt's they create.

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    Comment number 141.

    The Green agenda is run by marginal politicians, the media and trendy celebrities trying to be right-on and cool.
    In reality, the public really aren't bothered about Green issues.

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    Comment number 140.

    We paid £125 for a green deal assessment and regretted it immediately the Assessor visited the house. He was completely out of his depth and his bizarre 'advice' seemed highly questionable. Moreover he was then unable to lodge our assessment report for over three weeks because of some IT glitch. In the end we complained, cancelled and managed to get the £125 fee refunded. What a fiasco!

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    Comment number 139.

    This year I've had 6 cold callers regarding insulation. They tend to visit on cold days meaning the heat goes out the door when they call. With increasing energy prices, it was a sensible thing to do and I didn't The Green Deal to reach that decision. I bet when everyone is insulated, energy companies will moan they aren't making enough profit for shareholders & will put up prices to compensate.

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    Comment number 138.

    Anybody who thinks Green Deal is a good deal is living on another planet. It doesn't stack up and all it will do is devalue your property. If the government back it, walk away.

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    Comment number 137.

    How long will it be before this government finally get it?


    Meanwhile, the members of the government are building up to "Let them eat cake"!

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    Comment number 136.

    being in the TRADE the whole green deal scheme is a joke not many tradesman have even joined it too expensive for all the paperwork etc please give your local gasfitter a call i'm sure you'll be far better off doing that way

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    Comment number 135.

    Another waste of public money, no mention of what it's cost to date.

    From what I can find the Government has invested £125 million, that works out at £31.25 million per person. That very poor value for money.

    The scheme is supposed to only cost projected savings, in other words they guess what you'll save & you pay them that amount. That will be open to abuse.

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    Comment number 134.

    Billions in aid sent abroad, Billions being spent on trident, Billions being spent in Afghanistan, Billions being spent on HS2 with no clear economic benefits to upgrading current system. Yet, green 'initiatives' still feed the greed in society and is used as a stealth tax on us all! Disgraceful people in charge or country.

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    Comment number 133.

    Four people signed up for the Green Deal, but they expect fifty loan providers to be approved by the end of the year....?

    Should be some great deals available, then....

    Complete joke of a scheme which appears to offer more to lenders than consumers.

    Ever wondered why the UK is in such a mess? It is because all we are interested in doing is lending money.

  • Comment number 132.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

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    Comment number 131.

    The problem is within the way UK veiws how houses should be built rather than the way it would be BETTER to build them.

    Take Norway as an example. They begin with a wooden frame structure and then brick where it is necessary. Wood is a far better insulater than brick - and is needed when temperatures go to - 30deg C.

    For UK Insurance houses must be Brick or Concrete.
    Stuffed at building start!

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    Comment number 130.

    The queen is probably one of them, she likes to get things for free.

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    Comment number 129.

    British Gas will charge me 5000 pound for sign up green deal, I found a private to do my work, only cost 2500, the green deal is a joke.

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    Comment number 128.

    I have just built a house which exceeds all aspects of the so called Green Deal. If I had had the work done according to Gov requirements re certification it would have cost around 10k more. It seems that where there is a Gov grant the price quoted for work just goes up to match.

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    Comment number 127.

    The whole scheme was badly thought out and just a PR exercise and a feeble one as well. And as for the loan staying with the property, can you imagine a better way to deter people, than the thought they may put others off buying their house.


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