Indian Farmer builds frugal technology


In India, grassroots innovators are leading the way in building frugal technologies.

In a country where 30% to 40% of farm produce perishes due to a lack of processing and storage facilities, such innovations are a cost-effective solution for many farmers.

And now these backyard innovations are being given a chance to access international markets thorough the government's National Innovation Foundation (NIF).

The NIF documents ideas, innovations and traditional knowledge practices from all over India in a central network and converts them into value-added technologies.

The foundation calls it the Grassroots to Global programme. It has filed over 550 patents on behalf of the innovators, according to Dr Vipin Kumar, chief innovation officer at the foundation.

As part out coverage on innovation and entrepreneurship in Asia this week, the BBC's Shilpa Kannan travelled to the state of Haryana to visit a farmer who has benefited from the NIF's efforts.

He got a patent for his invention in 2008 and now sells his machine all over India and in other emerging markets such as Africa and Latin America.

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