Fuel price calculator: How much do you pay?

  • 13 January 2016
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The average price of petrol in the UK is now around £1.02 a litre. For diesel, it is now about £1.06 a litre. But how much it costs to fill up can vary from street to street and town to town. Fill in our fuel price calculator to see how what you pay compares with the national average and what people are paying in other countries.

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Image caption In most countries in the European Union, petrol is more expensive than diesel at the pumps, mainly due to added taxes. In the UK, diesel is more expensive at 1.44 euros a litre - the highest average price in the EU

The fuel prices are from data available on 13 January 2016 from the European Commission and US Energy Information Administration. For the other countries, the figures are the latest available from the International Energy Agency, ANP Brazil, Moscow Fuel Association, Natural Resources Canada, South Africa's Department of Energy, Kenya's Energy Regulatory Commission and BBC correspondents.

Calculator produced by Dominic Bailey, Salim Qurashi, Tian Yuan

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