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20 March 2014 Last updated at 00:21

Irish 'credibility restored' says PMCustom house in Dublin

The Irish Republic's exit from its bailout rescue has restored the country's good name and credibility, Taoiseach Enda Kenny says in speech to the nation.

Anti-austerity protesters outside the Portuguese parliament in LisbonPortugal passes bailout inspection

Portugal moves a step closer to exiting its bailout programme, after the international lenders that saved the country from bankruptcy approve a review of the economy six months early.

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Robert Peston, economics editor Article written by Robert Peston Robert Peston Economics editor

Has Juncker over-hyped EU investment?

Is there less to the European Union's €315bn investment plan than meets the eye?

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Gavin Hewitt, Europe editor Article written by Gavin Hewitt Gavin Hewitt Europe editor

Kick-starting the European economy localisation->translate("watch"); ?>

Jean-Claude Juncker has launched the European Commission's New Deal, and it will be judged by its success or failure.

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The best credit rating that can be given to a borrower's debts, indicating that the risk of borrowing defaulting is miniscule.

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