Budget calculator: How will Budget 2015 affect you?

  • 18 March 2015
  • From the section Business

How much better or worse off will you be in the coming tax year following the Budget?

Use our Budget calculator, developed by accounting firm KPMG LLP, to find out how the measures being brought in next month affect you.

Users of the BBC News app tap here for the budget calculator.

  • The tax system is complex, and the model used above gives only an indication of the Budget's impact
  • Your personal information is safe - all calculations are carried out on your computer
  • The calculator includes measures announced in previous Budgets that come into effect in April this year - but does not include any measures which have already been announced but do not come into force until 2016-17 or later
  • The calculator does not include benefits paid under the new universal credit. Universal credit is being introduced in stages and is currently limited to certain categories of claimant in specific parts of the UK
  • Neither does the calculator include any reduction in income tax which may be due for 2015-16 as a result of a transfer of personal allowance between a married couple or civil partners. This is because there are many different ways in which taxpayers could choose to arrange their tax affairs. See the government's website for more information
  • For more detail on definitions used in this calculator, see the KPMG website.