The eurozone crisis: Who can do what


...and who can't and who won't. The situation this morning summed up in a graphic:


More on Newsnight tonight. Meanwhile follow me on Twitter @paulmasonnews.

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    Comment number 1.


    You seem to be one of the less dramatic of commentators.

    Could you write a piece on the outcomes if we just let events take their course and governments guarantee deposits (by printing currency if necessary)?

    As most of us live on deposits and not investments can you tell us why these governments won't just remove the plaster quickly. It can't all be vested interests.

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    Comment number 2.

    If the Greeks appoint Lukas Papademos, ex employee of the Boston Federal Reserve and ex ECB deputy as their new PM they will have accepted that rule by banker is the way forward. Indeed a new political era.

    The triumph of global money over democracy?

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    Comment number 3.

    Why are the words "Sterling Crisis" not beginning to appear in UK economic reporting?

    Surely once the PIIGS have been slaughtered, the UK is next - but outside the Euro it will be a Sterling crisis for the UK - and massive import inflation - the £10 litre of petrol, the £2.5 loaf, the £1 KwHr of electricity - ITS COMING SOON!

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    Comment number 4.

    Just one question Paul,who,s making the money out of this ?

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    Comment number 5.

    EU has become dictatorship of the most powerful European FINANCIAL interests. Merkel & Sarkozy dictate the line, while insubordinate govts are summoned, disciplined like children. From the standpoint of the BANKS, financial & debt crises can only be resolved by reducing living standards by decades. Why? Who is holding all this debt - investment banks too big to fail, trying to clear toxicity?


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