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Welcome to my new BBC page. You can find all my analysis here - including my video, audio, all my posts and, soon, my tweets.

The idea is that this new way of doing things will make it easier for you to follow me and find out what I think about everything that's going on with the economy - in the UK and around the world.

Well, that's the theory. But please do let me know what you think about the new format. You can still find all of my old posts here. And don't forget to add this page to your bookmarks and RSS feed.

Stephanie Flanders, Economics editor Article written by Stephanie Flanders Stephanie Flanders Former economics editor

So it's goodbye from me

After 11 years at the BBC, I'm leaving for a new role in the City.

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    Comment number 101.

    For the record post 100 also highlights why our businesses, economy and nation are failing too!


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    Comment number 100.

    The future of innovation ... democratized innovation* ... and how much of this was used to innovate/improve the new bbc blog format? ...

    Clearly none ... says it all really! This blog is heading for the scrap heap unless the bbc listens to the bloggers ... but this seems to be the BBC's preferred way of shutting comment down!

    * i.e. people participating in the development of products they use.

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    Comment number 99.

    Sorry Mrs Flanders, I come here as much for the comments of others as I do for the content of your blog and this fundamentally removes part of the reason for me having the link on my dashboard - I'll find the same content elsewhere, thanks.

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    Comment number 98.

    This is the 2nd half of my earlier post.

    Unfortunately those contributors will be unable to perform such a service to other people because of the imbecile restriction on the length of posts and the obstacles to following a reasoned discussion caused by the reversed order of postings.

    I shall revisit from time to time to see if the BBC has returned to a sensible policy, but I have little hope.

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    Comment number 97.

    I have not previously contributed to this blog. I have, however, been following it closely over the past two years. As a result of the recent imbecile format changes I shall no longer be doing so.

    On leaving, I would like to thank all the many contributors who have furthered my economic education during that period. Thanks to them, I will be able to continue my education on other websites.


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