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23 April 2014 Last updated at 00:29

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  • Text booksTextbook diplomacy

    Could cross-border history books help to calm territorial disputes in Asia?

  • Qiao Tou Lian He elementary schoolNo excuses

    The OECD's Andreas Schleicher examines China's lessons in resilience for rural poor

  • Schoolgirl in India shows bullet claimed to have been fired across borderUnder attack

    An international report warns of systematic violence against schools

  • Obama in a pre-kindergarten classPre-school politics

    From New York to California, there are US campaigns to tackle the early education gap

  • Primary school in Gounaka village, Tessaoua, Niger.Waiting to learn

    Unesco says it will be more than 70 years before all children have a primary school place

  • PEAS classroomAfrican challenge

    Uganda already faces a shortage of secondary school places and the population is soaring

  • Pupils taking exams'Debunking myth'

    There is no reason why the poor should be expected to underachieve in school, says OECD

  • Farooq WardakLessons from conflict

    Afghanistan's progress in re-opening schools is irreversible, says education minister

  • Exam hallPisa tests

    What the latest international tests reveal about rising stars and fading empires in education

  • Global educationGlobal classroom

    How Pisa became the world's most important exam

  • Parents of university students sleep in a gymnasium in Huazhong Normal University Education fever

    'Tiger parents' in Asia are paying a high price for their children's success

  • Richard IIIRite and proper

    Oxford academic reveals a medieval reburial service for Richard III

If we cannot solve all the ills of the world, we should at least be able to manage this one

Your comments on the slow progress towards primary school places, reported by Unesco

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