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16 September 2014 Last updated at 12:27

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  • Zeus and HeraClassic ideas

    Ancient Greece has a long legacy in the language of modern ideas

  • June 2014, pupils going to school in Lagos, NigeriaGlobal summit

    £16.8bn is promised for education in world's poorest countries

  • TeacherStatus anxiety

    Teachers around the world say they feel undervalued

  • Duchess of MalfiCasting light

    Turning Shakespeare's theatre into a living laboratory

  • BoredomEgo warriors

    Conferences are part of academic and business life. But what are the irritations to avoid?

  • beachSchool's out

    Who gets stuck with the shortest summer holidays?

  • GraphWorld class

    South Korea is top of global rankings for education systems

  • Woman at protest over abducted schoolgirlsDefying terror

    How schools in Nigeria carry on despite the threat of Boko Haram

  • ApprenticesTrading up

    Erasmus, the European study-abroad scheme, wants exchange visits for apprentices

  • Burmese studentHello world

    Myanmar's universities, isolated for decades, open up with instant e-libraries

  • Shabana Basij-RasikhSecret school

    A young Afghan woman who had to attend a secret school is opening a girls' college

  • sunshineUnder the sun

    Solar power for Ugandan computer lessons in schools without electricity

If we cannot solve all the ills of the world, we should at least be able to manage this one

Your comments on the slow progress towards primary school places, reported by Unesco

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