Iranians speak out over sexual harassment scandal

  • 11 February 2016
Sheena Shirani Image copyright Sheena Shirani/Facebook
Image caption Shirani said there was nobody she could seek help from.

Allegations of sexual harassment at an Iranian TV station are emboldening Iranian women to break their silence and share their experiences of a problem traditionally not acknowledged inside the country.

Sheena Shirani, a news reader at Press TV, the state broadcaster's English language news channel, broke the taboo by speaking out about sexual harassment she says she endured from two of her managers over a prolonged period of time.

Her allegations went public in spectacular fashion when she posted online a recording of a phone conversation in which a man believed to be her boss, Hamid Reza Emadi, repeatedly asks her for sexual favours.

Following the incident Shirani quit her job and left the country and later published the audio file, which has been listened to more than 120,000 times on her Facebook page and an Iranian news site based outside the country. She also shared what appeared to be a screengrab from a text exchange in which Emadi asked her to take the audio down.

Image copyright Facebook/Sheena Shirani

Another screengrab has also surfaced which apparently shows a WhatsApp message containing a statement from Emadi, denying the allegations and saying the audio was fabricated.

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'A bad day to be named Adam Johnson'

  • 10 February 2016
I'm still not the footballer from Sunderland Image copyright Adam___Johnson /Twitter

The Premier League footballer Adam Johnson's name is trending in the UK after he pleaded guilty to one count of sexual activity with a child and one charge of grooming. But other innocent Adam Johnsons have been at the receiving end of hate filled tweets today, as Twitter trolls targeted the wrong Adam Johnson.

The Sunderland winger who has 12 England caps has also denied two charges of sexual activity with a girl aged under 16. His case is due to be formally opened on Friday.

Image copyright PA
Image caption England footballer Adam Johnson arrives at Bradford Crown Court

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Facebook director's 'colonial' comment angers Indians

  • 10 February 2016
Mark Andreessen Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption Mark Andreessen's comment appeared to be a frustrated reaction to opposition to Facebook's Free Basics proposals.

A member of Facebook's board of directors has apologised for attacking "anti-colonialism" when he waded into the fierce debate over access to the internet in India.

Marc Andreessen, a prominent Silicon Valley capitalist and entrepreneur, was defending Facebook's Free Basics plan - a controversial scheme to offer a free but basic internet service to poor Indians. The company argues that Free Basics, which would include Facebook along with Wikipedia, the BBC and local news and weather sites, would open up the internet to those who wouldn't necessarily be able to afford it.

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Greeks crow over Deutsche Bank woes

  • 10 February 2016
"Rest in peace": just one of dozens of images posted by Greeks mocking Germany over the troubles of its largest bank Image copyright Twitter
Image caption "Rest in peace": just one of dozens of images posted by Greeks mocking Germany over the troubles of its largest bank

There's not much love lost between Greece and Germany.

The German government has led demands for tough conditions on Greek public finances in exchange for a series of bailouts. Many in Greece blame German decisions for instability, recession and unemployment.

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'The Doctor Who' - a slogan to defend a strike

  • 10 February 2016
#IAmTheDoctorWho cares for your loved ones in the final hours of their lives Image copyright @esjwilliams/Twitter

What do doctors actually do? Many of the junior doctors on a second 24 hour strike over their pay and working conditions have been reminding people of their work as part of a social media effort to gather support.

Using the hashtag #IAmTheDoctorWho, they posted emotive pictures on Twitter, with short descriptions on placards such as "I am the doctor who answered your questions when your child was admitted to Intensive care" and "I am the doctor who saw you for your skin cancer". Over 8,000 messages have been posted so far.

Image copyright @DrSazHal/Twitter

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Iranian youth get app to dodge morality police

  • 9 February 2016
Ershad graphic Image copyright Gershad
Image caption If Iranians get on the wrong side of an Ershad patrol their evening out can end very fast.

An anonymous team of Iranian app developers have come up with a solution to help young fashion conscious Iranians avoid the country's notorious morality police known in Persian as "Ershad" or guidance.

Ershad's mobile checkpoints which usually consist of a van, a few bearded men and one or two women in black chadors, are deployed in towns across Iran and appear with no notice.

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'We are not criminals' Nigerians tell their president

  • 9 February 2016
President Buhari Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption President Buhari has made no effort to backtrack on his remarks.

It's the home of the "419" scam - the infamous online swindle named after a Nigerian anti-fraud law - and it's no secret that this country's international reputation has been tainted by allegations of criminality.

But it's not something Nigerians expected to hear from the mouth of their president himself, especially while he was on an official visit to the UK.

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Leaflets pulled due to boob over Bobby

  • 8 February 2016
Mary Lou McDonald campaign leaflet Image copyright Twitter/@MaiaDunphy
Image caption Mary Lou McDonald's campaign leaflet has been taken out of circulation - but only after being picked up on social media

As unfortunate typos go it could have hardly been worse.

The Republic of Ireland is currently a few days into a general election campaign that is taking place amid the backdrop of the hundredth anniversary of the Easter 1916 rising.

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'Armani Communist' divides China

  • 6 February 2016
Male student with his mother attending a government meeting in China. Image copyright
Image caption Liu Bo's mother said the suit was a gift from the organiser of a concert he performed at.

When Liu Bo attended a regional communist party event as the official ambassador of local students it wasn't his youthful demeanour which made the biggest impression.

Nor was it the remarks which the 14-year-old made to the Shenzhen People's Political Consultative Conference, calling for the greater use of non-exam based assessments in the Chinese education system.

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Madonna causes a commotion in Taiwan

  • 5 February 2016
Madonna post status on Facebook Image copyright Facebook/Madonna
Image caption For many Taiwanese the star design surrounding the singer is a symbol of historical oppression.

Madonna is no stranger to controversy, but her attempts to endear herself to both Taiwan and China could well be her most misjudged foray into Asia since starring in the movie Shanghai Surprise.

The singer has managed to alienate fans in both of the two rival nations by her use of symbols and flags on the latest stage of her 'Rebel Heart' tour.

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