#BBCtrending radio: 'Nice pic. Phwoar' and more Twitter gaffes

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2013 was a year full of cringeworthy embarrassment for big companies trying to look good on social media.

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Media captionIs it ok for a CEO to tweet "Nice pic. Phwoar"? The latest BBC Trending

This week, #BBCtrending radio re-tells the stories of how McDonald's, Tesco, Ryanair and others engaged with the public - and sometimes fell flat. Anne-Marie Tomchak speaks to the head of social media for Ryanair, whose CEO Michael O'Leary tweeted "Nice pic. Phwoar" during a real social media engagement session.

So what are the secrets of looking good on social media? Esra Dogramaci, digital consultant for the BBC, joins us in the studio.

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