Ouch talk show: Can disabled people be powerful?

  • 2 May 2013
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Media captionGraduation stories, paralysed fundraiser Claire Lomas and Liz Carr's best bits

This month, we discuss an online list which ranks disabled people by influence - and listeners share their good and bad graduation ceremony memories.

Plus, fundraiser Claire Lomas says her life has improved since becoming paralysed from the chest down. She describes the robotic suit that allowed her to walk the marathon last year, the funny things kids ask and how she met her husband after becoming disabled. She's presently handcycling around Britain for charity.

It's the last show for presenter Liz Carr, and we play some old clips like when we took the newly disabled BBC correspondent Frank Gardner through a checklist of benefits to see if he was getting them and being looked after - a bit cheeky really.

Liz Carr and Rob Crossan present.

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