Spanish 'Monkey Christ' woman to appear in music video

A woman photographs the restored Ecce Homo painting in Zaragoza, Spain

The elderly Spanish woman who made global headlines for her botched restoration of a fresco in a local church will star in the music video for a song she inspired, it's been reported.

The song by Angel Petisme tells the story of Cecilia Gimenez and the fresco from a more sympathetic angle, the Spanish musician tells the Heraldo de Aragon newspaper. Instead of ridiculing the 82-year-old over her work, the figure in the fresco thanks her for restoring it.

"Her story made me reflect. I felt a great deal of sympathy for her," Petisme says. Gimenez will play herself, while Petisme will be the figure in the painting. Gimenez reportedly suffered panic attacks after images of her work appeared in the media and across the internet. But she has since staged her own art exhibitions, the Local website reports.

In August 2012, Cecilia Gimenez turned her brush on a 100-year-old painting called Ecce Homo (Behold the man), but images of her work went viral and it was soon known as the "Monkey Christ". The quiet town of Borja now reportedly receives thousands of tourists who want to see the improvised restoration.

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