Taiwan: Politician's alleged slap is reconstructed on TV

Wang Kuei-fen speaks to reporters Wang told reporters she hadn't eaten for two days prior to the incident

An elected official from Taiwan could be forced to pay substantial damages after a video of her slapping a nurse went viral, it's been reported.

Wang Kuei-fen, a politician from Luzhu in the north of the island, was accused of slapping the nurse in the face after a dispute about her hospitalised father, Want China Times reports.

Wang went to the hospital to find the nurse after being refused information over the phone, and reportedly slapped her twice during a confrontation. After CCTV footage of November's alleged attack was spread on the internet, the politician was arrested and charged, and has now issued a full apology. She could be forced to pay up to 6m Taiwanese dollars ($200,000; £120,000) in compensation.

Animated reconstruction of a politician slapping a nurse

The incident provoked anger among medical workers in Taiwan, who staged demonstrations in support of their colleague. It has even become the subject of an animated reconstruction, of the type made popular by Taiwanese TV channels.

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