Syria: Graphic designers, the Army of Islam wants you

Army of Islam fighters

A major Islamist armed group fighting the Syrian government has posted a job ad online for graphic designers, photographers and other media specialists.

Army of Islam advert

The Army of Islam, an umbrella group that also opposes al-Qaeda's Nusra Front in Syria, posted the advert on its Facebook page. "The media arm of the Army of Islam announces vacancies in the following fields: graphic design, photography, montage, printing, journalism, reporting, media promotion and programming, as well as other media specialisations," it says, listing Skype and email addresses for applicants to send their CVs, along with a phone number.

Although the group was only set up at the end of September, it has already established a professional website featuring videos of the military exploits of its 50-plus brigades and battalions, and a Facebook page with more than 6,000 likes. The website has a "Most Liked Operations" section and an English language page. Other armed groups such as the Nusra Front and Free Syrian Army are also boosting their online propaganda presence, especially on YouTube and social media, but it seems the Army of Islam aims to steal a march in swelling its online ranks.

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