Go Figure: The week in numbers

  • 20 June 2014

Look back at the week in numbers with our Go Figure images, which are posted daily on social media.

Ukraine's gas bill? Russia wants $4.5bn from Ukraine. Ukraine wants $6bn 'overpayments' returned by Russia.

Monday: Russia cuts off gas to Ukraine in argument over gas bill.

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New sharper satellite images will let people see objects 31cm across from 370 miles

Tuesday: New rules allow more detailed satellite images on maps.

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39kg of caramel spread from Uraguay's World Cup team confiscated. That's 10,991 calories per player.

Wednesday: Uruguay team's caramel spread seized by Brazilian customs.

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A village in Albania has been growing cannabis worth $6.1bn each year. That's equivalent to half of Albania's official economy.

Thursday: Albanian police raid a village producing 900 tonnes of cannabis a year.

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The top of a 3,000m-high (10,000ft) mountain in Chile has been blown up to make way for the world's largest optical and infrared telescope

Friday: Chile mountaintop blasted to make way for extremely large telescope

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