Go Figure: The week in numbers

  • 30 May 2014

Look back at the week in numbers with our Go Figure images, which are posted daily on social media.

400% increase in Cockapoos

Monday: Cockapoos, Puggles, Jackhuahuas. Are the mutts taking over from the pedigrees?

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1,115 communication logs for missing flight MH370 released by Malaysian government

Tuesday: Missing flight MH370 data logs made public.

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China vows to scrap 6 million cars to improve air quality. That's 8.5% of the cars in the country.

Tuesday: China is to scrap millions of cars to reduce smog.

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2,500 years old - Europe's first false tooth?

Wednesday: Archaeologists may have found Europe's oldest false tooth.

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Google's new car only has 4 wheels - it has no steering wheel.

Wednesday: Google unveils a driverless car.

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2.1 billion people are not overweight; around a third of the world's population

Thursday: New report says obesity levels are rising across the world.

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284 million paris of headphones were sold around the world in 2013 for around $8bn (£5bn)

Thursday: Why would Apple pay $3bn for a headphone company?

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96,000 refugees have fled Syria every month since January 2014. That's more people than can fit in Wembley Stadium

Friday: Civil war in Syria has created 2.7 million refugees.

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