Caption Challenge: Duck and cover

A man crouches with a bottle of toilet cleaner on his head at the Stadel Musuem, Frankfurt

Winning entries in the Caption Challenge.

The competition is now closed.

This week a man crouches with a bottle of toilet cleaner on his head at the Stadel Museum, Frankfurt

Thanks to all who entered. The prize of a small amount of kudos to the following:

6. Andy Welcome:

Bringing the fourth plinth inside from Trafalgar Square wasn't the success the curator at the National had envisioned.

5. Andy Lake, Richmond:

Proof found. Cleanliness really is next to Godliness.

4. Bob C:

"Ninety-five, 96, 97, 98, 99, 100... Ready or not, here I come. And this time, please try and hide somewhere that I won't find you!"

3. Smilex:

A clear fusion of Headonism and Art Ducko.

2. Philip Parkin:

"Some modern art is just too sanitized."

1. William Walker:

"You can get up now. The Turner prize shortlist has been announced, and you aren't on it."

PDF download Full rules can be seen here[16KB]

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