Paper Monitor: Pine needle pain

Christmas trees. They're so yesterday - so feel free to chuck them out.

According to a report in the Daily Mail, Anna Wintour - doyenne of all things fashionable - got rid of her Christmas tree BEFORE Christmas.

The newspaper spotted a picture on Instagram posted on 25 December by Wintour's daughter Bee Shaffer of the Vogue editor's house - apparently minus the tree.

"Mom," Shaffer reveals ditched the tree before Christmas Day because it was causing too much mess.

The picture shows bags of presents lined up in the corner of a room in Wintour's Greenwich Village townhouse in New York.

Basically the Mail has nowhere else to go with this story, other than showing the Christmas Day picture. So it includes a picture of the outside of the house. No tree in sight.

It also prints a large picture of Wintour and two old pictures of Wintour with her daughter at fashion shows. It also includes some helpful background info on Wintour, who recently "cancelled a scheduled Vogue cover featuring twerking 20-year-old pop starlet Miley Cyrus after seeing her infamous VMA performance with Robin Thicke."

Basically there isn't very much going on. But we all love a sneak look inside the homes of the rich and famous.

Although the Instagram pic is of the corner of the room, some of the furnishings are helpfully reflected in a mirror above the gifts. Paper Monitor can't quite make it out but there is a black item on the corner of a table. It's just making a right mess of the room.

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