Paper Monitor: The alternative page 3?

Paper Monitor was struck by page 3 in the Times today.

There are three stories, and they are all about women.

Only one has a picture, and it's of actress Penelope Keith.

"Flighty older women to blame 'for pushing up house prices'," is the story.

Keith is pictured because in an interview with Country Life, she has blamed couples who separate in their 50s and 60s for stoking up the housing market - by buying up flats and small houses for their new single life - the paper reports.

They've coined a term for the trend, "silver separation".

The paper is surprised by Keith's perspective though.

"As Audrey fforbes-Hamilton in To the Manor Born, Penelope Keith portrayed a woman struggling to cope when life didn't turn out quite as she had planned. So you might expect her to be sympathetic to those who divorce late in life," it muses.

Following the later in life theme, a second story is about the different way women and men react to retirement.

Women may savour the prospect of having more time with friends and family, but the reality doesn't live up the fantasy, it reports. The reason? Turns out, two thirds miss the office gossip.

Females are also more likely to worry about their lack of income, it adds.

The third story takes a slightly different tack.

"If she has a cool disposition, the chances are she looks pretty hot," is the headline.

Apparently scientists have found a correlation between female attractiveness, as rated by men, and the stress hormone cortisol.

There's no picture though.

Of course, the three female-focused stories could just be a coincidence.

But Paper Monitor wonders whether the Times is trying to come up with an alternative page 3.