Paper Monitor: Time to unpack?

  • 20 May 2013

It's spring, the traditional time of year for people to start thinking about house hunting.

Either that, or looking at what their neighbours' homes are going for.

It is, of course, something that the papers are very much aware of.

After months of stagnation the Daily Express is excited to see house prices at a "record high, as confidence floods back to the market".

The Sun points out that the average cost is now "NINE times the typical wage".

But facts and figures don't offer a proper chance to nose into the private lives of others.

Step forward the Daily Telegraph, with a case study of recent home movers the Welbys.

Justin, 57, and wife Caroline moved to Canterbury in March and really love it.

"We keep nudging each other, slightly in awe, and saying, 'This place is amazing. It's so beautiful'."

But it's not all plain sailing for the couple, who are still getting to know the town and working out which are the best places to eat.

Justin, who works as the Archbishop of Canterbury, says: "We are still trying to figure out which is the best takeaway in Canterbury - and still getting lost most times we step out of our front door".

While not staying in their lodgings next to Canterbury Cathedral, the couple spend time in their other apartment - beside Lambeth Palace.

But even in the big city there is trouble getting a decent delivery, the Telegraph notes.

A pizza delivery driver called one night and said: "This Lambeth Palace, where is it? I'm by Lambeth Bridge."

The new leader of the Church of England walked to the gatehouse to collect the pizza himself.

Paper Monitor might be overstepping the mark here, but can't help wondering whether it's time to get on with the unpacking and find those saucepans.