Paper Monitor: Daft Punk earworm

  • 16 May 2013
Daft Punk
Image caption Disco robots Daft Punk will get you in the end

[Shoulder shake, chair shimmy.] Da da dah - uh-ha - weeeee've da da dah... STARS. Blah blah up all night to - oh! Sorry.

Apologies for the delay in the arrival of today's Paper Monitor. In the course of preparing the latest instalment, your humble correspondent started reading an article in the Times and became lost on Planet Disco.

Which article, one hears you ask. Perhaps Recovery is in sight, declares bank chief?

Not this time.

How about Ripping wartime romance with a happy ending?

We've... come too faaaaar...

No. It is Caitlin Moran's diary of her Get Lucky addiction - aka the Daft Punk song currently parked at number one in the hit parade. She's listened it to it 113 times since mid-April.

Incidentally, the Times calls it the song of the summer, which seems a bit hopeful. (About the weather, that is, not Get Lucky's longevity. Paper Monitor has lived long enough in this green and pleasant land to know that invoking summer in May is just storing up trouble.)

  • "Day One of Get Lucky: [My husband] plays me Get Lucky to, initially, a reception of absolute indifference. By the end, however, even I can see it is quite good. 'That's a good rip-off of disco legends Chic,' I say. 'That's because it's Nile Rodgers from disco legends Chic playing guitar on it,' he replies. And that was the first time I heard Get Lucky.
  • "Day Two of Get Lucky: Within seconds it becomes apparent that the initial listen was a massive decoy. Because that's when they get you. While you're busily, self-importantly going 'Meh meh meh it sounds like Chic' with your stupid music expert face on, Daft Punk reduce to the size of nanobots, fly as vapour up your nose, access your nervous system and lay 6,000 invisible disco mines right up your spine. Subsequently, the second time (and, indeed, the following million times) you listen to Get Lucky, the disco mines all trigger, one after another, in a whiteout chain of hooks, offbeat mis-footings and melody."

And so on.

She's up all night 'til the sun...

As Paper Monitor has heard this song and also found it a bit "meh" on first listen - I'm up all night to get some... - one is disconcerted to find that the disco mines have indeed done their work. It is impossible to even read this article - She's up all night for good fun... - without singing (somewhat tunelessly) along.

And for that, Paper Monitor would like to apologise to its nearest, its dearest and to new acquaintance Caption Challenge, who sits at the adjacent desk at Magazine Towers.

Sing it together now:


[Shoulder shake, chair shimmy.]

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