Paper Monitor: Paunches, tattoos and tags

Paunches, tattoos and tags are part of the Huhne/Pryce release carnival.

There is a serious side to the release of Chris Huhne and Vicky Pryce. And then there are the cartoons.

The Telegraph's Matt draws a couple of lags in a cell. One of them is gesturing to a mark on his bicep. "It's a tattoo of a wind turbine. I shared a cell with Chris Huhne."

Daily Mail cartoonist Mac takes a different tack. Huhne's partner Carina Trimingham is at home answering the telephone. She's wearing a short skirt and has a chunky object wrapped round her calf. "Chris has gone out. He asked me to wear his tag for him," the caption reads.

The Mail devotes more coverage than most to Huhne's release. "Too much porridge?" is its headline above a large pic of a chunky looking former Energy Secretary leaving prison. Dressed in a Harrington jacket (a black Baracuta G4 by Paper Monitor's expert eye) and baggy jeans, and carrying luggage, he looks well different, the Mail notes.

The paper upholds its proud too fat/too thin tradition. He is "well-fed", "well-rounded", with a "bit of a paunch", while Pryce is described as "gaunt".

The most surprising piece of the day comes from Mail columnist Richard Littlejohn, not known for his fondness for Lib Dems or criminals. At first it looks like his usual fire and brimstone copy. He points out that they only served eight weeks of an eight-month sentence.

But then something odd happens. There is almost a hint of pity for Huhne and Pryce.

He continues: "For what it's worth, I agree with the Howard League for Penal Reform that there are far too many people behind bars who simply shouldn't be there." He even appears to endorse community sentencing. Whatever next - Littlejohn to appear at Gay Pride?

The Mirror's leader gives the ex cons short shrift, appearing unimpressed by the news that Pryce is planning a book entitled Prisonomics. "The threat these two Fib Dems pose to the public now is boring us all to death with long, self-serving tales of their brief spells inside."

Erm, a word of advice to Pryce's publisher - the Mirror probably shouldn't be first port of call for serialisation rights.

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