Paper Monitor: The unfortunate Mr Fussy

In slightly different circumstances he could have grounds to sue.

Prevented from taking legal action only by the fact that he is not real, the Mr Men character Mr Fussy finds himself emblazoned across the papers as he is compared to Hitler.

The unhappy situation follows an attack by Education Secretary Michael Gove on what he sees as the dumbing down of teaching.

Primary school children are being encouraged to learn about the Middle Ages through Disney Films such as Robin Hood, he is quoted as saying in the Daily Telegraph.

Too many children are encouraged to read the Twilight series of Vampire novels rather than William Shakespeare or Charles Dickens, reports the Daily Express.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone was included as a set text in one English exam paper, says the Daily Mail as it warms to Mr Gove's theme.

Mr Fussy fits into all this because the education secretary was also upset by a suggestion that children could learn about Hitler by telling the story of Nazi Germany in the style of the Mr Men.

"I may be unfamiliar with all of Roger Hargreaves's work, but I am not sure he ever got round to producing Mr Anti-Semitic Dictator, Mr Junker General or Mr Dutch Communist Scapegoat," is the quote highlighted in the Guardian and others.

As far as Paper Monitor is aware, Mr Gove did not point the finger at Mr Fussy himself.

Instead, it appears to be the case that his unfortunate styling - slicked down jet black hair and a sliver of a moustache - is being used by the press to illustrate their stories and suggest that there may be further similarities with the Nazi leader.

His picture is everywhere. "Nazi exercise: Mr Fussy" is the caption used by the Daily Mail, while "Lookalike Mr Fussy" is next to his mugshot in The Mirror .

While Paper Monitor is not suggesting that Mr Fussy is a great role model - he spends all day cleaning his house and straightens the blades of grass on his lawn - it feels that things have gone too far.

Too far.