Paper Monitor: Summer glow

Paper Monitor must still be basking in the Bank Holiday sunshine, because today it's tickled by a couple of light-hearted stories in the newspapers.

First up, it's balmy Britain that's brought a smile to Paper Monitor's face.

Cue the inevitable plethora of pictures of people frolicking in coastal resorts and parks up and down the country.

Or Blackpool and Brighton, to be more precise.

Paper Monitor has catalogued in previous years - under the banner Brighton Beach Mammoirs - the tendency to particularly concentrate on women in bikinis in their early 20s. See here and here and here.

Then there's the predictable warning the warm weather isn't here to stay.

"Britain's great outdoors, but the sun won't last", reports the Times. The Daily Express takes a similarly disappointed tone. "Warm spell to end in a washout," it says.

The Daily Mail decides to set a different scene. "Where did that pier go?" it asks, next to a picture of, yet again, Brighton beach, this time shrouded in mist - before the sun blazed through.

Meanwhile, the Daily Telegraph's letter pages have given Paper Monitor something else to smile about.

Under "Pedalling mischief" a number of readers regale others with stories of some organists' mischievous streaks.

"SIR - I remember one former organist, after a particularly boring sermon, pulling out all the stops and playing the Hallelujah Chorus. I'm a little more subtle and will end with You Shall Out With Joy," writes Nicholas Richards, from St Day, Cornwall.

"SIR - I recall with great fondness a triumphant organ improvisation that integrated Rhapsody in Blue with Mission Impossible. The choir was delighted. The director of music was not," recalls Max Kenworthy, from Haywards Heath in East Sussex.

Paper Monitor has never played the organ. But it wouldn't mind trying.

On a rainy day, of course.