Paper Monitor: Eye candy

Paper Monitor is always looking for something eye-catching to report on.

A veritable feast for the eyes is on offer on page 23 of the Daily Mail. Here's the intro on the newspaper's website (there wasn't room for it in the print edition):

"When searching for their next look, these stars seem to have drawn upon the shelves of their local newsagents for inspiration." Er, top shelf, perhaps?

Nope. Better than that.

"From Carey Mulligan's 'Ferrero Rocher' style quiff, to Jennifer Lopez's 'Walnut Whip' bun, we have found celebrities' sweetest hairdos and matched them with their confectionery twin," the article, entitled "It takes all sorts" (see what they did there?) continues in a jaunty fashion.

Life in the office really must have been sweet for Claire Cisotti, who got to do the picture research on this one.

Kelly Osbourne's black and white hairdo is pictured next to a handful of sweets, with - you've guessed it - the words "Bah, humbug" kicking off the caption. "Life of Mars", introduces Paloma Faith and her particular confectionery - and so it goes on, Helen Mirren, candyfloss, Jennifer Lopez, Walnut Whip.

Lily Allen's pink creation appears to be circa 2008 - so not exactly a current trend. Pixie Geldof's Quality Street copycat is only from 2011, so more up-to-date, and as the caption states, "The future's orange". It's only been two years, but it might still take off.

On to the next eye-catching story - the Daily Express's report of the gardener who has just completed Britain's biggest cuckoo clock. Standing 25ft tall, it's water-powered and cost £20,000.

Richard Pim, we learn, employed the services of an organ-maker to help build the "complicated mechanism that makes the bird chirrup and cuckoo."

The clock, which forms one of the attractions at Westonbury Mill Water Gardens, gains a few minutes every day at the moment, because the warm weather makes the wood warp and the water flow differently through the clock's system of pipes and tanks.

Paper Monitor wonders how many visitors will get caught out with their parking tickets.