Paper Monitor: Mixed news for the Middletons

May Day brings a mixed bag of news for the Middleton family.

While much of the press mulls over UKIP's prospects of stealing seats from the Tories in tomorrow's local elections (other parties are available), the Daily Telegraph still finds space on its front page for a Royal-related nugget.

Other mothers were apparently made to feel "rather hopeless" at the "pristine" appearance of the now Duchess of Cambridge and her sister, Pippa, at school, it reports.

Image caption Result... Kristen tops the list

According to the report, based on an interview in Tatler magazine, the Middleton girls would have a "beautifully sewn-in name tape" on every item of clothing. Not for them were initials scrawled on in marker pen, it seems.

Still, it's done Kate no good so far as a very different magazine - Glamour - is concerned.

"Sorry Kate, it's Kristen who's the queen of style," is how the Daily Mail breaks the news that the duchess is only third behind Twilight star Kristen Stewart and Emma Watson - that's Hermione Grainger from the Harry Potter films to you and I - in a list of the world's 50 best-dressed women.

Paper Monitor is left wondering to what lengths Stewart's mother would go to make sure her daughter was properly turned out at school.

Delve a little further into the Mail and there's more that might interest "Mummy Middleton", as the paper calls the duchess's mother, Carole.

Apparently, Kate's brother is dating Donna Air.

Writer Catherine Ostler is incredulous that James Middleton was spotted with the former Byker Grove star at some socialite gathering or other.

She asks: "Could Donna, daughter of a Newcastle builder and an HR manager, and with a child from a previous relationship, really have bagged the Duchess of Cambridge's baby brother? As celebrity pairings go, this surely took the biscuit."

Paper Monitor is similarly astonished. Who'd have thought that in the 21st Century two people from such different backgrounds might want to spend time together?