Paper Monitor: Non-Thatcher news

Baroness Thatcher may have divided the nation. But today, she's united the papers in one thing. Coverage. Lots of it.

There are pictures, prose, and ahem, more pictures. So much so, people might be forgiven for thinking nothing else is going on in the world.

Paper Monitor isn't going to go into that. Instead we'll discuss what makes the first page after all that.

In the Times, Thatcher runs until page 15. Then, the paper brings us news Usain Bolt will be back in London for the Anniversary Games this summer. But those envisaging a story about keeping the Olympic spirit alive will be disappointed. "Tax break lures Bolt back", the paper reports, under a graph suggesting he will earn £12,355 per step.

In the Daily Mail, there's no news until page 25, and then it's reserved for another tax story, according to Stephen Glover, who says "it's insane that we're fleeced by the energy giants AND help them avoid tax!".

Meanwhile, the Daily Telegraph keeps other news at bay until page 24. Even then, there are so many small stories - seven to be specific - they are easy to overlook. Actually the stories only take up quarter of the page. Another quarter is a picture of a diver under ice. The other half is adverts. One is for a Margaret Thatcher biography.

Over at the Daily Express, it's page 10. The story? "Not-so-cunning fox is trapped by his tail." Enough said. Meanwhile the Sun brings news "Dole queue up as wages go down" on page 14.

The Guardian, unsurprisingly, is a little less indulgent. Its first non-Thatcher item makes an entry on page six. "Osborne feels heat as unemployment soars" and "Sande up for Novello awards" it reports.

The Independent, of course, decides to be different. It also covers the Boston bombing developments and Obama "mystery substance" letter on its front page. Then it's back on Thatcher until page 10.

The only other papers to feature a non-Thatcher story on the front page are the Daily Star and the Daily Mirror, which both bring updates on Boston. The Star brings news "Bieber's too sexy for Oman" and the Mirror reports "Jen's up for the cupping" before they return to Thatcher.

Paper Monitor doesn't really know what else to say about that.

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