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My Neighbour, My Enemy

The inhabitants of two neighbourhoods, one Sunni, the other Alawite, have been at loggerheads in Tripoli since Lebanon's Civil War in the 1970s. Many people here have very clear memories of the violence that tore their communities apart decades ago, and sectarian tensions survive to this day.

This BBC Arabic documentary explores the tragedy of Lebanon's sectarian tensions through two central characters. They are both fighters on opposite sides of Tripoli's frontline and are at different stages in their careers as men of violence. We see them talking openly about the low-level armed conflict that has been tearing their communities and families apart for decades.

This moving and insightful film goes deep into Tripoli's neighbourhoods and speaks to the ordinary people affected by the violence. Every few weeks armed clashes erupt and neighbours attack each other with sniper rifles, machine-guns and rocket launchers. People die and homes burn. Then the guns fall silent. Both sides bury their dead and prepare for the next round of violence.

  • 10 Jun 2014
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