Alun Cairns and Tessa Munt
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PMQs noise levels tested by Alun Cairns and Tessa Munt

Readings taken by MPs in the House of Commons showed PMQs was as loud as a food blender in one part of the chamber, and as Liverpool's football ground in another.

Conservative Alun Cairns recorded 89 decibels, and he said it was more subdued than last week.

Tessa Munt found her reading of 92 decibels later went up to 97, and said her Liberal Democrat colleagues were "pretty quiet" but reckoned some Conservatives behind her were "extremely noisy".

The pair had recorded noise levels for the Daily Politics in February and returned to repeat the test, after last weeks's session was seen as one of the noisiest, and the Speaker interrupted several times to deal with MPs.

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