Ain Amenas gas facility
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Troubles abroad

"This is a global threat. It will require a global response" warns David Cameron - as he predicts the Algerian hostage crisis could be the start of a decades long battle against Islamist terrorism in North Africa. After a highly pressurised weekend with confirmation of the gruesome toll on human life exacted by the siege and assault the Prime Minister will make another statement to MPs tomorrow. He's pledged to work with others to defeat the terrorists and close down the ungoverned spaces where they thrive - though his foreign Secretary William Hague has insisted that Britain will not be sucked into a new military conflict. Mr Hague also confirmed that Mr Cameron's delayed speech on Britain's place in europe WILL take place sometime this week. So after all the briefing to journalists by Number Ten, counter-briefing and speculation what can we expect? I asked the Spectator's Isabel Hardman when she came in earlier to look ahead to the political week:

  • 20 Jan 2013