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Reporting child sex abuse should be 'normal'

A Panorama investigation has revealed new evidence of schools and hospitals failing to protect children from serial sexual abusers.

The investigation asks why it is not mandatory to report child abuse in the UK when it is in Australia, the US and Canada.

Speaking to the Today Programme, Jonathan West, Mandate Now campaign consultant, said: "It's a really scary thing for a teacher to report abuse. There's lots of reasons why they might be discouraged from doing so.

"I think good teachers need the support of the law to be sure that they will be supported if they report."

Dame Claire Tickell, chief executive at Action for Children, explained: "Of course people should report. The issue for us is how do we make this normal, automatic and positive, for people who work right across the system.

"Child neglect and abuse is an absolutely horrific thing, and we all need to do everything we can to prevent it and stop it," she added.

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4's Today programme on Monday 4 November 2013. Watch the Panorama investigation on Monday 4 November at 20:30 on BBC1.

  • 04 Nov 2013
  • From the section UK