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Secrecy to avoid Sikh protests over mixed-faith weddings

There have been a series of protests across the UK by groups of men who object to mixed-faith marriages at Sikh temples (gurdwaras).

In Coventry, the home of a Sikh girl who was about to marry a Hindu was attacked on the wedding day - windows of the house were smashed and the couple had to have a police escort to the wedding.

Other couples have had weddings blockaded or had to marry in secret.

The protestors argue that mixed marriages shouldn't take place at religious buildings.

'Kiren' married her Catholic fiancé in secret in December 2012 because of fears of a protest.

She told BBC Asian Network reporter Dil Neiyyar her story. She is using a false name because of fears of reprisals.

You can hear the full radio documentary 'The Sikh wedding crashers' on BBC Asian Network on Monday 11th March at 17:00 GMT or listen back on BBC iPlayer.

  • 11 Mar 2013
  • From the section UK