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World Cup Webscape

Kate Russell's weekly review of websites and apps focussing on the World Cup.

Rio de Janeiro has always been a colourful city but right now it is flying the flags of the world as it hosts the World Cup. Big sporting events like this really benefit from the second-screen experience and at Sportlobster you can connect to Fanzone, a social space for sporting fans of every flavour.

Of course the big social platforms are not going to miss out on the World Cup bandwagon. Facebook has an interactive hub feeding the latest scores and highlights from matches, as well as posts from friends, players and teams.

While tweeting tournament junkies can sign up for the special World Cup profile tool. Once set up with your team of preference you'll unlock custom profile images, header photos, real-time scores and highlights throughout the World Cup series.

If you're the unsociable type and just want to know when the matches are, at WorldCupKickoff.com you can subscribe to a daily email reminder or download the desktop and mobile calendar, which integrates with your regular calendar for minimum fuss.

Watch more clips on the Click website. If you are in the UK you can watch the whole programme on BBC iPlayer.

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