Primary school child, working in class with plastic letters
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Ofsted chief: Rural schools 'need quality staff'

England's chief inspector of schools has said that many of the poor children being left behind in schools now are in suburbs, market towns and seaside resorts rather than big cities,

In a speech taking place today, Sir Michael Wilshaw is expected to outline his view that such pupils are often an "invisible minority" in schools in quite affluent areas.

Speaking to the Today programme's Sarah Montague, Sir Michael explained that he will be calling on the government to recruit some of the "most talented teachers" in "less fashionable, more remote or challenging places".

He added that in some rural areas teaching staff "don't know what good looks like", and "they don't know what to do about underachieving children".

The chief inspector said that bringing high quality teaching staff in would "kick start improvement in these areas".

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4's Today programme on Thursday 20 June 2013.