4 March 2015 Last updated at 11:28

Moles dig for history in DenmarkA mole emerging from a mole hill

Moles are being used by a museum in Denmark to help gather information at an archaeological site.

The Statue of Humanity Erdogan fined for statue insult

Turkey's president is fined for making disparaging remarks about a statue in 2011.

A Finnish speed limit signFinn given 54,000-euro speeding fine

Millionaire fined 54,000 euros under Finland's earnings-linked speeding penalty system.

The back to front edition of the newspaperIceland paper published back to front

An Icelandic newspaper publishes an issue back to front in honour of its audience's traditional reading habits.

A Jewish couple getting marriedIsraeli rabbis back 'pre-nup' plan

Group of Israeli rabbis proposes pre-nuptial agreements to solve women's divorce dilemma.

Traffic on a motorway in AucklandNZ motorists take bad drivers' keys

Motorists in New Zealand are confiscating the keys of people they think are driving dangerously, particularly foreign tourists.

Competitors run in Hong Kong"s first inner city ultra marathon on March 1, 2015Hong Kong runners in 'boring' race

Runners compete in Hong Kong's first inner-city ultra marathon, despite organisers describing it as "quite boring".

PKNFinnish 'disability punks' set for Eurovision

A punk band made up of musicians with learning disabilities is chosen to represent Finland at the Eurovision Song Contest.

The bear cubRare bear cub found outside circus

A rare two-week-old Asiatic black bear cub is found abandoned in a box outside a Russian circus.


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