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Narendra Modi's 'chai story' sweetens Indian tea vendor's business

indian chai Image copyright AFP
Image caption India is traditionally a nation of tea drinkers

A tea stall named after India's main opposition Bharatiya Janata Party's PM candidate Narendra Modi is doing brisk business, media reports say.

Owner Mavji Ahir says his new chai (tea) stall is helping him make daily profits of 2,000 rupees ($32; £19).

Mr Modi often talks about his "humble beginnings" as a tea vendor.

At the weekend, he is due to meet people at a tea shop in Gandhinagar city to connect with the voters. India is to hold elections in a few months.

Gandhinagar is the capital of the western state of Gujarat and Mr Modi is the charismatic, thought controversial, chief minister of the state.

Taking a cue from the BJP leader's "chai-wallah" story, Mr Ahir, 25, opened a small tea stall in Gujarat's Kutch district.

"I was almost unemployed and not able to earn even 5,000 rupees ($80; £48) a month. But now I am able to sell more than 300 cups of tea every day, which helps to generate a net profit of over 2,000 rupees a day," The Pioneer newspaper quotes Mr Ahir as saying.

Within a week of the "Modi Tea Stall" starting on the Anjar-Bhuj Motorway, Mr Ahir's business has become a hit, the paper says and adds that many people passing through the highway have made it a point to stop by for a cup of tea at his stall, mostly out of curiosity.

Mr Ahir now wants to rise like Mr Modi - but he says he has no political ambition and wishes to open a luxury hotel in the future.

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