Mount McKinley 83ft shorter than previously thought

An undated photo shows Mount McKinley in Alaska Mount McKinley is located in Denali National Park, Alaska

The highest peak in North America has shrunk, according to new data released by US geographers.

Mount McKinley, located in the US state of Alaska, measured 83ft (25m) shorter than previously understood.

The mountain now stands at 20,237ft. It was was last officially measured in 1952, researchers said.

The US Geological Survey speculated that the reduced height could either be the result of more accurate measurement technology or of "climate differences".

The US Geological Survey released the data as part of the agency's effort to update all of Alaska's topographic maps.

The new measurement was taken in 2012 using Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar, a technology designed to digitally track small geographic forms.

The 1952 measurement put the peak at 20,320ft, a figure that has remained on topographical maps since.

Mount McKinley, a popular mountaineering destination also known as Denali, is located in Denali National Park in the US state of Alaska.

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