US election: Stage set for Obama - win or lose

Workers complete the final details on US President Barack Obama's election night event at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois

At least President Obama had one victory tonight. He played basketball with staff and friends and won the game by 20 points. That's giving his opponents quite a beating. He must be hoping it is an omen.

He's at home now, but later will move across Chicago to a conference centre.

The podium in the middle of the stage looks a lonely sort of spot. It is here that the president will come to talk to the nation - win or lose.

At the moment of writing, a man is reciting "green eggs and ham" to test out the sound-system.

Earlier, they were belting out soul music. It seemed they were preparing for a party, not a wake.

Earlier the president said: "I also want to say to Governor Romney, congratulations on a spirited campaign.

"I know that his supporters are just as engaged, and just as enthusiastic, and working just as hard today.

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"We feel confident we've got the votes to win, that it's going to depend ultimately on whether those votes turn out. And so I would encourage everybody, on all sides, just to make sure that you exercise this precious right that you have - that people fought so hard for, for us to have."

Congratulating your opponent and encouraging his supporters to vote is quite something. If he is faking it, he has got me fooled.

But being president doesn't mean you have a crystal ball. I think the optimism is genuine, but it doesn't mean it is right.

But the Democrats are very proud of their ground game, and the president played his own part in it today. He went to a local campaign office and phoned a surprised potential supporter.

If he wins, it will probably be because of the hard work in getting out the vote. One-hundred-and-eighty thousand volunteers have been working three-hour shifts in the swing states to squeeze out every last voter.

It won't be long before we get some indication whether it has worked.

The BBC will be providing full online live results of the US presidential election on 6 November. More details here .

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    Comment number 89.

    71. powermeerkat "And what makes you think situation in next 4 years will be different?"

    One can only hope the Republican's get in touch with reality and drop their commitment to useless Ayn Rand ideology. Ideology is just an excuse to avoid thinking seriously about issues and seeking solutions based on objective analysis.

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    Comment number 88.

    70. MagicKirin "This is no longer an America where hard work is considered a virture..."

    The usual BS. MagicKirin suffers from the delusion that only he and Tea Baggers work hard. One can hardly expect reality based comment from him.

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    Comment number 87.

    The "cliff" could be our friend. Sun-setting the Bush tax cuts would add $8t in revenue over a decade. Congress could renegotiate half the cuts back, and more if equal to REAL new spending cuts, returning us to the $4t "grand bargain" aborted by the 'tea party' two years ago. It would be tough, but would give us certainty and a valid path forward.

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    Comment number 86.

    Heaven help us now.

    Obama and the left will continue their push for more and bigger government, more spending, and more taxes. The economy will continue to suffer and maybe grow at 1%, if at all, and the deficit will get even bigger.

    The right will continue to do everything it can to not let that happen.

    So, my lefty friends: when it tanks, take a good look in the mirror for whom to blame

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    Comment number 85.

    81. HungeryWalleye
    I agree, but


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    Comment number 84.

    This has been riveting stuff and if you followed the build up to the result it was a close run thing.In the end Barack Obama is back in the Whitehouse.A long hard campaign fought by both parties now the hard work begins all the energy commitment and emotion needs to be shown from now on to prove that the work is only half done and promises will be honoured. Was the amount of money justified!

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    Comment number 83.

    'Fiscal cliff' into perspective, gambling on tolerance of slower 'recovery' in jobs, excused by taking-time for more deliberate reordering of investment priorities

    Critical to that 'reordering' will be cues given for 'market understanding' of the direction of 'consumer demand': frankly that 'whites surrendering stardust' will soon be 'in the same new moral boat' as 'minorities', for equal justice

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    Comment number 82.

    @ HungeryWalleye (81). I fully agree with u.

    I wish Mitt meant what he said today and will follow it up within GOP by cooperating with newly elected president Obama "to make this country stronger and more successful".

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    Comment number 81.

    Romney's concession speech -- the best one I've heard him give.

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    Comment number 80.

    Romney's mistake was that he put his mouth where his money is....moving jobs in China and cutting taxes on the profits from doing it. The Conservative prescription to cure losing is to do more in the future of what cost them the election today. They don't get it. America is more non white, less multi-millionaires and billionaires. Those people don't control things here like they once did.

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    Comment number 79.

    WOOT !!! WOOT !!!

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    Comment number 78.

    Now who was it on here who suggested we got used to saying the words President Romney?

    Ha Ha Ha!

    Get in there Obama!

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    Comment number 77.

    Whether Obama wins on Tuesday or not makes no difference. The millions of unemployed and the trillion dollar debt will still be there on Wednesday. All the US has to look forward to is more hopey changey stuff - and unfortunately as Obama has proved once that can't create jobs nor pay debts.

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    Comment number 76.

    The GOP big-wigs were talking down Obama as "inexperienced community organiser". What di communnity organisation do to Obama in OHIO, FL, WI, VA CO etc??? WIN and WIN big.

  • Comment number 75.

    All this user's posts have been removed.Why?

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    Comment number 74.

    18. DavidinUSA "Obama is a master of manipulating public opinion."

    Sour grapes because not enough people fell for Romney's flip-flop lies and etch-a-sketch attitude toward campaigning. Obama has been consistent about what he wanted to do and the Republicans have done everything they could to make him fail and then blame him for failing, putting party before country.

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    Comment number 73.

    This should serve as a wakeup call to the GOP that extremism doesn't win elections, even with a conservatively-owned press and Wall Street on their side.

    But it won't, and their next nominee will be a Bachman or Santorum because "Romney wasn't (a real conservative)/(conservative enough)"--and the Democrats will win again with any candidate with a pulse. I'll relish running against a Tea Partier.

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    Comment number 72.

    I wished US corporate lobby spent that huge money they wasted on Mitt (and to some extent, Obama), to raise salary & benefits of its employees and/or create few more jobs in form of less job cuts.

    I just hope both US corporate lobby & their pet politicians like Carl Rove, Dick Cheney, Mitt Romney will learn a lesson that money has its limitation, particularly when people's lives are at stake.

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    Comment number 71.

    On ABC some commentator complained about the "demonization" of Mitt Romney. Nothing could be further from the truth! (Like so much of GOP rhetoric, I'm afraid). The GOP lost this race all by themselves. Mitt&Ryan lost it. Randism lost it. "47%" & "binders full of women" lost it. The day some Wall Street banksters cooked up fleecing the whole world:That day has come back to haunt those who exploit.

  • Comment number 70.

    All this user's posts have been removed.Why?


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