As it happened: Toulouse siege Day One

Key points

  • Toulouse siege of suspected gunman enters second day, as several hours pass without any apparent police action at the building in the north of the city.
  • Three explosions heard shortly before midnight at house where police are surrounding suspect in shooting of seven people.
  • The man inside the building where the operation is taking place has claimed affiliation to al-Qaeda, says Interior Minister Claude Gueant.
  • The man informed police he wanted to "avenge Palestinian children" and denounced French "crimes" in Afghanistan.
  • The authorities have linked the Ozar Hatorah school shootings to the killing of three soldiers last week.
  • The funerals of the rabbi and children took place in Jerusalem and a memorial service is being held for the three soldiers at a base outside Toulouse.

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  • Nigel Pankhurst 
  • Michael Dobie 
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  • Stephanie Holmes 

Last updated 22 March 2012


Welcome to the BBC's live coverage of the ongoing stand-off outside a building in Toulouse where French police have been trying to negotiate the surrender of a man they suspect to be behind the killing of a rabbi and three children at a Jewish school on Monday and three soldiers last week.


The suspect's first name is Mohamed. He was indentified thanks to the e-mail message he sent to his first victim, a soldier who was selling a motorcycle, says the BBC's Hugh Schofield.


The man inside the building where the operation is taking place has claimed affiliation to al-Qaeda, Interior Minister Claude Gueant told reporters.


The BBC's Christian Fraser is several hundred metres from the block of flats where police have the suspect surrounded. Anti-terror police raided the flat in the early hours but were met by gunfire. Two policemen were lightly wounded. Negotiations are now said to be taking place.


French media are reporting that the suspect tried to have the scooter he used in the attacks repainted after the first two - providing police with an important clue that helped trace him.


Though French police have sealed off the area around the block of flats in Toulouse where the suspect is, residents of the area have not been evacuated.


French police near aparment in Toulouse where suspect is hiding - 21 March 2012 French police are negotiating with the suspect to surrender


Channel 4's Foreign Affairs Correspondent, Jonathan Rugman,

tweets: At police line in Toulouse. No shooting for 45 mins. We are about 2 miles from Jewish school.


The suspect, believed to be named Mohamed, is thought to be a 24-year-old French national. Officials say they believe he had travelled to Afghanistan and Pakistan for training in militant camps.


The man in Toulouse is suspected in the killing of three French soldiers and three school-children and a teacher - in three separate attacks. The children and the teacher had joint French-Israeli citizenship. Their bodies have now arrived in Israel for burial.