Taiwanese views on trade agreement

Taiwan residents give their reaction to a historic trade pact between China and Taiwan, seen as the most significant agreement in 60 years of separation.

Lin Yao-ting, 53, building manager

Lin Yao-ting

This is very good for Taiwan. Even the opposition party had wanted to sign this sort of deal with China, but they couldn't.

It's good for Taiwan to sign trade deals with other countries because that's the trend nowadays - economic integration, and Taiwan needs to be integrated with the global economy.

Shih Chung-yu, 60, owner of a small restaurant

Shih Chung-yu

My parents came from China. I still have relatives in China, so I have feelings for China.

I think China is doing this to reunify with Taiwan. I would like the two sides to unify eventually, but not right now.

China must become democratic first. I favour unification because after all, we are Chinese people.

Liu Su-chung, 40, owner of a flower shop

Liu Su-chung

I'm opposed to the trade deal because it will hurt our economy. All the big businesses in Taiwan will go to China as a result.

Chinese flowers might come here too. They say now they will keep out agricultural products, but I don't think they will do that forever.

Chu Chung-chen, 43, housewife

Chu Chung-chen

I'm in favour of this deal because the whole global situation is moving towards economic integration.

Our economy is too small. If we can join with other economies, it will be good for ours.

But the government should help vulnerable industries that may suffer as a result.

Cheng Lin-rong, 50, laundry owner

Cheng Lin-rong

I'm half in favour and half against.

I want the economy to be good, but I'm worried about relying too much on China.

The government of Taiwan will be cheated by China.

Chen Pei-jan, 30

Chen Pei-jan

Once we sign the trade deal, the people without technical skills will have a harder time competing for jobs.

Food, clothes and other items from China will flood in and these segments of the economy will be taken over by China.

Middle-aged people in low-skilled jobs in particular will have a hard time.

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