England out of the World Cup: Your reaction

England are heading home after being knocked out by Germany in the World Cup in South Africa, to the disappointment of millions of fans.

BBC News website readers have been sending in their reaction to England's defeat.


Most of the critics of the way England played have failed to appreciate the psychological impact of the disallowed goal. England were playing well at the time Lampard scored and had the goal been allowed they might well have scored a third while they were riding high. Certainly they would have come out for the second half in a totally different frame of mind and the rest of the game might have been quite different. But overall they simply weren't good enough to go far in this event.

David Graham Denham, Bristol

I am disgusted with the lack of heart in England's full world cup performance, I've cancelled Sky Sports and decided not to buy any more shirts or go to any more Man Utd matches. That is my lot with football, I'm pumping zero pounds into this sport, I'm not putting money into these players pockets any more, just hope there's a lot like me out there.

Bradley Macleod, Whitehaven

England deserved to lose. Fretting about the disallowed goal won't help forget all the other aspects of the game where England was hopelessly outplayed. Germany played a dangerous counterattack and displayed more urgency to win. A great game by a great team. England is left to ponder and rebuild for the next world cup.

Thomas Greiner, Liverpool, Merseyside

The England players should have their pay slashed and be put on performance related pay rates. Their game would soon improve.

Nick, London

Yet another tournament where England can look back on a controversial incident as the reason for their exit. Sure, the performance was poor but England were in the ascendancy at the time of Lampard's goal but it knocked the stuffing out of us. Time to drop these big name players and blood some youngsters or those that will fight for the shirt.

Adam Haden, Norwich, Norfolk

We were utterly useless. I am 62, my best mate is 65, WE would have made a better central defence than the one we had. I have never been so disappointed. It's not about losing it's about the manner in which we lost we had no shape no heart and no clue. This group of players and a manager who totally fails to see when it needs changing should be ashamed of themselves. My wife has no interest in football but even she said why have they taken of a goalscorer and replaced him with someone who couldn't buy a goal. Woeful and unforgivable.

Nigel Davies, Stockport

Rugby has had TV replays for years. Are the rugby administrators more intelligent than their football counterparts? What is the objection to goal-line technology? Anyway it wasn't actually needed as everybody in the stadium but the referee and his lines-man knew it was a goal. There is no room for doubt in such important games. England didn't deserve to win as Germany were a much better side. However England were cheated.

Patricia Astle, Leigh on Sea


I am Maltese but I always support the England team. To tell you the truth I am sorry about it and I can only imagine the true England fans how they feel every time the England players do not give their 100% for the England shirt. Almost all the teams do their best performance. It's not the case the team lost, but how they lost. I think it's shameful for the country and for the fans. One must remember that some if not all of these players have £100,000 a week in wages! It really hurts.

James Delmar, Msida, Malta

When you are in a bar full of Malaysians, part of the Commonwealth, and they jeer England and applaud the Germans, you know something is wrong big time. This was humiliating. No other way to say it. David James accountable for at least two goals he should have saved...a disallowed goal...this game was lost before the disaster of the second half began. Shock, sheer shock.

Mike Dance, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

I'm American and my mom is from England. At heart, I'm USA all the way but England has always been my number two team. That display was embarrassing to watch and I couldn't take my England gear off quick enough. Never been so proud to wear my USA jersey.

Jimmy Sparkman, Jacksonville, FL, USA

Watched the game at Darling Harbour, Sydney... what a terrible atmosphere. What a terrible performance. I hope that all the England players in this team get the sack from playing for their country, allow players who actually give a damn about their badge and care about the honour of playing for England. As an Englishman tonight, I am ashamed of us. Maybe the football team should look to our cricket and rugby teams for a sense of what it really means to wear the colours.

Jamie Andrews, Sydney, Australia

So disappointing but hardly surprising taking note of England's lacklustre performances in this World Cup. They don't have the cha rismatic players nowadays; Scholes, Ferdinand and even Beckham. John Terry look s so fed up and bored! All the soldiers here started leaving early after Germany scored the 4th...that was the nail in the coffin. RIP England.

Shaun Ruddick, Camp Bastion, Afghanistan

I'm very sorry for England's disallowed goal, it was clearly in and everybody here acknowledged that. Still, I am very proud of our team's performance. They played well and deserved to win.

Evelyn, Strassberg, Germany

I bet a big amount on Germany winning and made a handsome profit. Germany is a far better team than this pathetic no hopes. The qualifying round matches clearly showed that. The disallowed goal had minimum effect on the inevitable!

Parthi, Colombo, Sri Lanka

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