iPhone 4 launch: Your views

Photo: Andrea Tapp Andrea Tapp sent a picture of the queue at Bow Lane, City of London

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More than a thousand people have queued outside Apple's flagship London store for the launch of the iPhone 4.

The new phone comes with the promise of added features and is slimmer and lighter than its predecessor.

BBC News website readers in the UK have been sending their reaction to Apple's latest product.

Apple fans queue for new iPhone 4


The iPhone 4 is more than an update. It is a stunning design with substantially improved functionality. Whatever your views on Apple, it is hard to find any fault with this product (apart from the price).

Matthew Roberts, Cardiff

Still the best handset on the market, however Android is catching up. The patented touch makes it the most attractive. I've never used such an accurate touch, it just works. That's why I'm buying one.

V, Harrow

I ordered an iPhone4 from the Apple online store and it arrived shortly before 1100. I absolutely love it, it's a lot lot faster than my two-year-old 3G iPhone. 326 pixels per inch!

Manny, Edinburgh

I flew home two days early from Mumbai to get mine, was outside the Vodafone store at 0630 with jet lag! The staff were brilliant and the coverage amazing compared to my 3GS I had with another network, but the phone is incredible, I would rather leave my wallet at home than my iPhone, well done Apple!

Lee Simmons, Gately

I started queueing outside West Quay in Southampton at 0400 and managed to get the handset at around 0930. Trust me, it was well worth the wait. You have to love these events and the Apple staff were bringing out breakfast and water for us.

James Quain, Ringwood

I queued up for over three hours in Kingston in order to get my hands on one. But it was worth it! The screen is something else, it is impossible to put into words just how astonishing it looks in the flesh. The feel of the phone too, it is way ahead of the iPhone 3GS and any other phone we're likely to see for a while. Apple has knocked the ball out of the park on this one, to use some baseball parlance.

Rob Howard, Twickenham

I was at the Carphone Warehouse Store in Portsmouth from 0600 and was the 10th person in Queue. Store only had 30 handsets available. 02 system crash when it was processing my iPhone and took about an hour to go through. Luckily it did and it's gorgeous!

Paul, Portsmouth

We just bought the iPhone 4. It is an incredible device. Some of the hype is it would appear unintentional - Apple didn't choose to loose a mobile phone and have it taken apart. Ignoring that, the new phone lives up to the spec talked about by Steve Jobs in his technote. It's a great piece of engineering and I am looking forward to being able to sit down and play with it this evening.

Wardy, Bristol


I'm not going to buy an iPhone. My two-year-old phone already has a 5M camera, does multi-tasking and has two cameras for video chat. I play accelerometer games, use the GPS with Google maps and I am on a pay-as-you-go, leaving me out of pocket with around a fiver a month. Why bother with iPhone?

Yannis, UK

As always, there is far too much hype around an Apple product. It's shiny and has an apple on it, so it will sell millions. Are there better products? Probably. Are there more infinitive products? Probably. Are there cheaper products with better hardware? Definitely.

Chris, Bristol

The iPhone 4 is the first one I have considered buying. All its predecessors were overpriced and lacked features, suitable only for the American market.

Nicholas, Hertfordshire

I've only had my 3GS since Christmas so I have no intention of upgrading. I think it's crazy to start queueing at 0500 just to get a new phone! And kind of pointless, as there's no way Apple stores will have enough in stock for all of you. There must be better ways to spend your time!

Mavis, Birmingham

I had the opportunity to get one of these but passed it up. If it wasn't made by Apple it would be less sought after. I went with Sony Ericcson Experia X10 - far better and has Android technology.

Andy Hudson, Manchester

The tech consumer needs to take a serious look at him/herself and pose the question, "why do I need to lose hours of my life queuing in 28 degree heat for a telephone today, when if I wait until Friday when I can just walk in!" - Surely they must have better things to do?

Ian, London

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