McChrystal Rolling Stone Afghanistan gaffe - Your views

Gen McChrystal in Kabul, May 30 Gen McChrystal has apologised, saying the article showed a lack of integrity

Readers of BBC News online have been reacting to the news that US commander in Afghanistan Stanley McChrystal has been summoned to Washington.

Gen McChrystal was recalled after a magazine article mocked senior Obama administration officials and diplomats.

Here are some of your comments:

General McChrystal has finally decided to throw in the towel on his career by revealing the true ineptness of the Obama administration. By doing so, he has preserved his dignity and honour as a true American hero.

Manny Sabisch, US

General McChrystal has disgraced the uniform he is wearing and should resign immediately. His comments reflect that he obviously doesn't know what the hell he is doing. By giving aide and comfort to America's enemies he has crossed the line from which there is no return.

Helley, Evanston, Illinois

He came to Afghanistan with the motto of reducing civilian casualties. But the forces under his command have killed many more innocent Afghan civilians than ever. Probably due to the lack of a proper and parallel political and military approach on the Afghanistan war on terror. On the other hand, he is a military person and stubborn. Rarely do these people obey individuals like Mr Holbrooke and Eikenberry. Don't forget that military missions will absolutely disagree with being commanded by civilians.

Afghan, Herat, Afghanistan

McChrystal's comments are probably very accurately what he feels. I would hate to be in his shoes running NATO forces in Afghanistan and having to report to this administration. No doubt his military career is over but he has been a good soldier and I am sorry he apologised.

Dick Brady, Florida, US

McChrystal should be relieved of his command and "allowed" to retire. One does not need a military man undermining his commander. And in this case it is doubly bad, since Afghanistan is a political puzzle as well as a military one.

YukonJack, Hadley, MA, US

It shows just how utterly insane we've become to sensationalise this kind of stuff. Assess the man for his contribution to keeping us safe, not based on his wisecracking. This is like peeping through a keyhole while someone is sitting on the toilet. Drop it and let's move to more important matters.

Mike, US

No surprise at the comments made by Gen McChrystal, it's a shame an apology had to be made just to satisfy the politicians. I hear constantly that the Afghans can not control their own security and this is the main reason we are still in Afghanistan. But I read we are paying Afghan security firms to ensure and allow safe passage of supplies? This needs to be fully investigated at the highest level. If Afghan security firms are capable of affecting US and UK military strategy to the point that they are being paid protection money then surely the Afghan security are a force to be reckoned with. If this is indeed true then these Afghan security firms can look after Afghanistan's own security needs and our troops can come home.

Ian Brooks, Stourbridge, UK

While some may lament or even chafe at the General's comments (and clamour for his resignation or outright dismissal) the sad fact is that General McChrystal simply stated what many already know to be the truth.

Keith Cameron, Saginaw, Michigan

I do not think that replacing Gen McChrystal will affect the war. The Americans already lost the war, as we can see by the dangerous situation in Afghanistan.

Najibullah, Nangarhar, Afghanistan

It is refreshing to see someone speak what they believe. However, politicians do not reward individuals, particularly military ones, for honesty. So, let's stifle honest dissent. Obama could have showed real leadership by taking McChrystal to the woodshed in private, but then we have seen Obama has no capacity for real leadership.

Donald Faul, Wolfeboro, US

I think McChrystal should have been fired for his first outburst and definitely should be fired now. McChrystal is a dinosaur left over from the Bush administration that should not be in charge of cleaning a bathroom never mind commanding NATO troops.

Jack, New London, US

This idiot has forgotten his position on the totem pole. He has gotten too big for his britches. And worst of all, forgotten who his boss is. He should be relieved of his command and retired immediately.

Manuel R Mendez, Tucson, Arizona

I feel for General McChrystal. From the literature that I've read, it seems to me that, at least in the beginning, action in Afghanistan by the military has been hindered by the civil service employees who have never been, or aren't allowed near, the front line.

Matt, Wales

The Obama administration is weak about security procedures. We need an advisor explain Mr Obama about what is war, and what's happening right now with our troops around the planet. I support General McChrystal, he knows what he needs and what is the real situation there, not like people in DC watching basketball games and talking. We need action, not talk and talk.

Andres Restrepo, McLean, US

I'm sure the general will have to resign because the mighty Obama's ego is more important than winning in Afghanistan. If he had criticised Bush the press would have jumped on to point out how even the military doesn't trust him. But with Obama it will be the other way around. Obama is the cult of personality.

Richard Gowan, St Louis, US

What is your reaction to general McChrystal's article gaffe? What impact will this have on the US operation in Afghanistan? Send us your comments using the form below.

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