Revealed: The secret theft of the European Cup


The story has been kept secret for the last 28 years, but the BBC can now reveal that in 1982 the European Cup, won by Aston Villa, disappeared from a West Midlands pub.

A group of Villa players, including the then 22-year-old left-back Colin Gibson, took the huge silver cup, which weighs up to 15kg, to the Fox Inn in Hopwas near Tamworth.

But after a few games of darts, some drinks and an argument with another drinker, the cup went missing.

It emerged later that day, 100 miles away at West Bar Police station in Sheffield. But before it was finally returned, the policemen on duty could not resist organising their own version of the tournament - with the cup 'awarded' to the winner.

Former player Gibson, and policemen Michael Greenough, Graham Wragg and Timothy Wells look back on the cup's disappearance.

The full story can be heard at the Radio 4 You and Yours website.

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