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US strikes Islamic State in Syria

The US and five Arab nations launch a campaign of air strikes against Islamic State (IS) militants in Syria, the Pentagon says.

Syria air strikes Live

Live updates as the Pentagon confirms that the US and "partner nations" have begun air strikes against Islamic State targets in Syria.

Barclays branchBarclays hit by record £38m fine

Barclays Bank has been fined a record £38m by UK regulators for failing to keep its clients' money separate from its own.

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  • Peaky Blinders publicity shotBrum do

    Why is the Birmingham accent so difficult to mimic?

  • Oliver CromwellA brief history

    The 900-year-story behind the creation of a UK parliament

  • Image of Ankor Wat using lidarJungle Atlantis

    How lasers have revealed an ancient city beneath the forest

  • TigerBard taste? Watch

    Are trailer videos on social media spoiling theatre?

  • Tesco signBest before?

    Has Tesco passed its sell-by date, asks Richard Anderson

  • Agents with the US Secret Service, such as this one, are responsible for guarding the presidentHard at work

    White House break-in adds to Secret Service woes


  • Nick RobinsonUp to parliament

    MPs' views will decide if UK joins strikes against Islamic State

  • US soldier with flagsMark Urban

    Unlikely alliances in the fight against IS

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    Andrew Marr presents live from the Labour party conference in Manchester.

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    How the crowd is helping to track down extremists. Can twin lasers improve the 3D movies?

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