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Alex Salmond and David Cameron react to the result

Scotland votes 'No' to independence

Scotland votes to stay in the United Kingdom, as PM David Cameron says demands from Scottish FM Alex Salmond for more devolved powers will be honoured.

Reaction as Scotland votes No Live

Video, audio and text coverage as Scotland votes against independence and instead remains part of the United Kingdom.

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Scotland Decides: SCOTLAND VOTES NO

  1. No 2,001,926
  2. Yes 1,617,989
After 32 of 32 counts Results in detail



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  • Panorama: Scotland's DecisionPanorama Watch

    Allan Little explores the transformation of the question of Scottish independence.

  • Newsnight: 17/09/2014Newsnight Watch

    Emily Maitlis is live in Glasgow on the eve of the Scottish independence referendum.

  • The Andrew Marr Show: 14/09/2014The Andrew Marr Show Watch

    Andrew Marr is joined live from Edinburgh by Alex Salmond and Alistair Darling.

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