Bringing to life spectacles of natural wonder on our doorstep

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Nature’s Top 40 counts down to the UK’s number one wildlife spectacle. Wildlife experts ranked suggestions from the public to compile the UK’s Top 40.

Adder c/o Natural England Peter Wakely

No. 8 - Dancing Adders

The 'dance' is the way that Britain's only poisonous snake establishes who's boss.



No. 7 - Bluebells

Find out about the beauty and mysteries of the Bluebell... how they're used in medical research and where to see them.


Nightingale c/o rspb

No. 6 - Bird Song

In the spring you can hear all the UK’s native birds at full volume during dawn chorus... one of nature's noisiest spectacles.


Flower meadow c/o Paul Greenan

No. 5 - Summer Flower Meadow

Find out how various projects are helping one of nature's most understated spectacles make a come back.


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