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Nature’s Top 40 counts down to the UK’s number one wildlife spectacle. Wildlife experts ranked suggestions from the public to compile the UK’s Top 40.


No. 24 - Parakeet roost

They're not native to this country but the RSPB estimates that there are about 30,000 Ring necked Parakeets living in South East England.


Crane c/o rspb Mike Langman

No. 23 - Common Crane

Find out about the only one of the world's 15 species of crane which has ever been native to Britain.


Peregrine Falcon

No. 22 - Birds of Prey

Birds of Prey, or raptors, cover a wide range of birds, find out which one has such keen eyesight it's reputed to be able to see a rabbit twitch two miles away.


Spider c/o Jane Longhorn

No. 21 - Arachnids

They're all poisonous and lots of people don't like them but spiders are fascinating... find out why!


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