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Nature’s Top 40 counts down to the UK’s number one wildlife spectacle. Wildlife experts ranked suggestions from the public to compile the UK’s Top 40.

Rook c/o rspb Mike Langman

No. 29 - Rook Roost

The fascinating behaviour of a bird regarded as one of the UK's most intelligent, but not necessarily one of our most loved.



No. 30 - Hunting Otters

Find out about the animal now making a come back after once being considered as vermin.


Swallow c/o rspb Chris Gomersall

No. 31 - Swarms of Swallows

One of the UK's most familiar wild birds which flies 10,000 miles each year to breed.



No. 32 - Goats

See the rutting Goats of Snowdonia. These feral animals live wild on the hillsides.


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