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Nature’s Top 40 counts down to the UK’s number one wildlife spectacle. Wildlife experts ranked suggestions from the public to compile the UK’s Top 40.

Natterjack toad c/o Chris Packham

No. 40 - Courting Toads

Find out where to see Europe's noisiest amphibian, which can be heard several kilometres away.


Wood Ants

No. 39 - Wood Ants

Meet Britain's largest native ant species and find out about the huge nests the ants build.


Glow Worm c/o John Tyler/Galaxy

No. 38 - Glow Worms

The worm that isn't a worm at all. Find out about the mating display of the Glow Worm, which is in fact a firefly.



No. 37 - A Leash of Foxes

If you've been hearing bloodcurdling screams in your garden at night, it could be the sound of Foxes.


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