The Ynys-hir RSPB nature reserve in Wales.

Ynys-hir wildlife

The RSPB’s 700-hectare Ynys-hir nature reserve encompasses a variety of habitats ranging from impressive oak woodlands, heathland and wet grassland to challenging saltmarshes, redbeds and freshwater. Situated on the Dyfi estuary near Machynlleth in Powys, it is a haven for breeding wildfowl and wading birds, notably redshanks and lapwings. Wintering ducks and geese feed in large numbers on the saltmarshes and among the birds of prey that are present all year are peregrines, goshawks and iconic red kites. The reserve’s heronry boasts nesting grey herons and little egrets. Otters, polecats, hazel dormice, grass snakes, 19 species of dragonfly, 26 species of butterfly and more than 400 species of moths also call Ynys-hir home. Ynys-hir translates as ‘long island’ in English.

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